• Tarweej (promotion)

  • Enhancing Life Skills and Citizenship

  • University Education Support

  • Youth to Youth

  • Equal opportunities in education

  • Professional Development

  • Entrepreneurship Training and Consultation Services

  • Business & Coffee

  • Tarweej (promotion)

    Be empowered & Start safely

    • What is this service?(Promotion Service)
    • This service attracts entrepreneurs who are interested in building and developing their start-ups.                  Moreover, the service will provide them with the support and improvements needed to assist their businesses, which will lead to an increase in their sales, further activate its role in economic growth and self-sufficiency. This will result in generating new jobs in the labor market.
    • This Service is provided through the following supports:
    • Business development services.
    • Technical, legal and logistic support services.
    • Technical and administrative training services.
    • Assisting business owners with establishing and maintaining strong personal connections with the local market.
    • What are the requirements?
    • You should have an existing business that is scalable and could be developed.
    • Targeted Group:
    • The entrepreneurs of the start-up businesses of both Genders (Male/Female).

    Enhancing Life Skills and Citizenship

    Skills Make Creativity

    • What is Life Skills and Citizenship Education Program?
    • Based on international and regional experiences, and in line with the values and needs of the Qatari society, the first national model curriculum for the enhancement of life skills and citizenship education was designed to serve as a model training tool for building an empowered and active generation of young people in Qatar.
    • How does the program serve the youth?
    • The program is implemented through a series of training workshops led by a national team tasked with delivering the Life Skills and Citizenship Education Curriculum.
    • Who are the beneficiaries?
    • The program is aimed at young people of both genders.
    • What are the prerequisites for joining the program?
    • An applicant’s age must be between 15 and 24 years inclusive.

    University Education Support

    Overcome obstacles to your educational success

    • What is this service?
    • Get an opportunity to obtain a college degree and maximize your chance in the job market and contribute to the development in your community.
    • How is it delivered?
    • An interest-free student loan to help in tuition fees’ payment, to be repaid later.
    • What are the requirements?
    • You were born in Qatar or hold a residence permit for a minimum of fifteen years.
    • You hold a Qatari high school diploma with honors.
    • You pass face-to-face interview successfully.
    • Who is this for?
    • Male and female university students, with age ranging from 17 to 25 years old.

    Youth to Youth

    Be an inspiration to others

    • What is this service?
    • Using youth peer education technique as an alternative and innovative way of teaching, because peers or friends are an essential source of information that interests young people and moving away from methods of preaching and teaching via inculcation.
    • How is it delivered?
    • Activities and events carried out by young people who master the youth peer education techniques through various interactive programs.
    • What are the requirements?
    • All young people of the target age group.
    • Who is this for?
    • Young men and women between the ages of 15-24
    • How to apply?
    • Follow announcements posted on the Center’s social media accounts.
    • Apply online via Nama’s website.
    • For any queries:
    • Please call: 40363085 - 40363074 - 40363054
    • Email: youth@nama.org.qa

    Equal opportunities in education

    Learn and rise up in your community

    • What is this service?
    • Ensure receiving the necessary education at all educational stages in Qatar.
    • How we deliver this service?
    • We contribute to providing the student’s tuition fees.
    • What are the requirements?
    • You were born in Qatar or hold a residence permit for a minimum of five years.
    • You have the desire to learn and progress but face some obstacles in completing your education.
    • You pass face-to-face interview successfully.
    • Who is this for?
    • Male and female students, with age ranging from 5 to 18 years.

    Professional Development

    Improve your abilities and develop your community

    • What is this service?
    • Develop your personal skills through learning, training and preparation for entering the job market, and participating effectively in social work.
    • How is it delivered?
    • Internationally recognized professional training curriculums.
    • Training programs.
    • Workshops.
    • What are the requirements?
    • You pass face-to-face interview successfully.
    • Who is this for?
    • Male and female youth, with age ranging from 16 to 35 years.
    • How to apply?
    • Come in person to Nama Center.
    • Apply online via Nama Center's website.

    Entrepreneurship Training and Consultation Services

    Generate your idea and start your business

    • What is this service?
    • A package of training and qualification programs to develop the skills and enhance the capabilities of young small and micro entrepreneurs, approved by the International Labor Organization and specialized agencies in the same field.
    • How is it delivered?
    • Training workshops for entrepreneurs, such as:
    • Generate Your Business Idea.
    • Start Your Business.
    • Improve Your Business.
    • Consultation services.
    • What are the requirements?
    • Pass the personal interview.
    • Who is this for?
    • Existing and potential male and female entrepreneurs of small and micro businesses, with age ranging from 18 to 45 years.
    • For inquiries:
    • Telephone: +974 4036 3044
    • Fax: +974 4036 3001
    • Email: idea@nama.org.qa

    Business & Coffee


    • What is this service?
    • The project was developed to allow for the establishment of a comprehensive ecosystem that fosters the growth of entrepreneurship. Its aim is to support and empower the youth allowing them to contribute to the development of the economy by launching new businesses.
    • The project focuses on mentoring and supporting small start-ups and scaling them up into successful enterprises.
    • This program helps entrepreneurs with ideas to turn their concepts into reality, while catering to the market requirements of any sector.
    • How is it delivered?
    • Casual gathering in a coffee shop where entrepreneurs will receive an introduction on how to start and develop their own business. Following that general introduction, entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to have a one-on-one session with the business expert to discuss his/her business in details.
    • What are the requirements?
    • Register by using the form provided to ensure you book a spot as space is very limited.
    • Show up and prepare your questions so you can take advantage of the time with the business expert.
    • Who is this for?
    • Male/female existing or potential entrepreneurs aged 18-45
    • For inquiries:
    • Tel: +974 4036 3000